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Children & Young People Talk about HIV/AIDs: Global Data 2014

3.2 million children were living with HIV at the end of 2013, so it’s unsurprising that child helplines received 22,889 HIV/AIDS-related contacts in 2014. This report examines four countries where the number of HIV/AIDS contacts was disproportionally low to the overall affected population. What societal, economic and helpline-related factors have caused this and what can […]

Violence Against Children: 2014 Global Data

Where does discipline end and cruelty begin? We all believe that violence against children must be stopped globally and the first step to this is understanding how and when it happens. In this publication, you’ll find data on the many forms that violence takes, from cyberbullying to emotional neglect, as well as our recommendations on […]

Voices of Children: 2014 Global Data

Child helplines answered nearly 15 million contacts worldwide in 2014 alone and we’ve translated their concerns into internationally comparable data to show what a difference our work can make. Look inside for in-depth analysis of regional differences and the voices of children and young people on issues that matter most to them, including mental health […]

Voices of Children in Europe: 2014 Data

More than five million children and young people contacted child helplines in Europe in 2014. With a spotlight on peer relationships, this report provides overviews of the reasons and methods of contact in each EU country – vital to showing European policymakers the importance of child helplines and to making sure that no child goes […]