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The Role of Child Helplines in Emergencies 

How can we best protect children in times of emergency? This practical guide is intended as a resource for our members. Its aim is to provide practical and useful tools to enhance preparedness for child helplines in times of emergency. The guide offers good practices on preparedness and development of a contingency plan and also […]

Counselling Practice Guide

How can we provide good quality counselling to children? This guide is intended as a resource for the Child Helpline International’s membership, and has been written specifically to assist organisations already operating, or planning to open, a child helpline. Several of the ideas reflected in the material are the culmination of many years of experience, […]

Bullying and Cyberbullying: Ten Years of Stories

Bullying is a phenomenon that occurs in every country and in many forms, and increasingly, online. As more young people are using social media, cyberbullying too has become a significant vehicle for abuse and violence. In this paper, we outline why, where and how bullying happens globally, using data from children. An important foundation towards finding solutions […]


Great news for children in Malta! SOS Malta are now able to operate their online service around the clock. A Maltese NGO, SOS Malta, is now able to operate the online chat service on a 24/7 basis after receiving funding of over half a million euros from the Maltese Ministry for the Family and Social […]

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