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Meet the Child Helpline International Team!

At Child Helpline International, we are proud to serve our network by coordinating information, viewpoints, knowledge and data from our child helpline members, partners and external sources. Our work is supported by the Child Helpline International Staff Members and our Supervisory Board. Get to know us by clicking on the images below:

Management Team

Patrick Krens
Executive Director

Helen Mason
Director of Operations

Ronja Ulvfot
Regional Manager,

Anastasia Shuster
Data & Research Manager

Team Members

Ana Rodrigues
Project Coordinator

Angharad Wells
Project Coordinator

Bina Emanvel
Advocacy Lead

Kasia Smolinska
People & Operations Officer

Laura Holliday
Learning Coordinator

Magda Zimnowoda
Quality Lead

Steve Erwood
Membership & Communications Manager

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Supervisory Board

The Child Helpline International Supervisory Board consists of four appointed members – including our Board Chair, Secretary and Treasurer – and five Regional Representatives, who are employees of our Child Helpline members and who are selected to serve on the Board for a three-year period by the Assembly of Child Helplines, which meets every three years. You can find more information in the Governance section.

Corinne Dettmeijer

Dorothy Rozga

Mark Vogt

Natasha Jackson
GSMA Representative

Regional Representatives

The Regional Representatives below will serve for the three-year period 2024-2027.

Michael Marwe
(Tanzania National Child Helpline)
African Region

Alisa Simon
(Kids Help Phone, Canada)
Americas & Caribbean Region

Madhav Pradhan
(CWIN, Nepal)
Asia-Pacific Region

Magnus Jägerskog
(BRIS, Sweden)
European Region

Ohaila Shomar
(SAWA, Palestine)

Middle East & North Africa Region

Deputy Regional Representatives

The Regional Representatives are supported in their respective regions by a Deputy, who is also selected for a three-year period by the Assembly of Child Helplines.

Rati Moyo
(Childline Zimbabwe)

African Region

Leevun Solomon
(Childline Trinidad & Tobago)
Americas & Caribbean Region

Tony FitzGerald
(Kids Helpline, Australia)
Asia-Pacific Region

Piji Protopsaltis
(The Smile of the Child, Greece)
European Region

Ola Al Omari
(Jordan River Foundation)
Middle East & North Africa Region