Mental health is a future challenge we are currently facing

The importance of health was highlighted during the demanding but also unprecedented conditions of a health crisis, while the pandemic crisis also left its mark by shedding light on how difficult it is for individuals and entire societies to manage a threat to people.  During 2021, “The Smile of the Child” witnessed a rapid increase […]

Mental Health Impact

Mental health is an essential and integral part of individual’s overall health. Mental health issues have a significant impact on a person’s quality of life, their self-esteem and self-image, their relationships with others, and therefore, their broader community. The period of childhood and adolescence presents unique challenges and difficulties for children, youth and their parents. […]

Covid-19 and Mental Health in Switzerland: pt 2

“Through a Child Helpline International member in Europe, children/young people and young adults are showing how they are suffering greatly as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the associated measures and restrictions. This is reflected not only in the increased need for counselling, but also in the changing themes on all direct professional counselling […]

Suicidal thoughts, mental health and the 1147 Line

Suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts “I need you to know that after this call, if this doesn’t work, I’m going to end it all“; with words like these we receive many requests for help, in search of a chance to survive the hopelessness and unrelenting pain.  Suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts are risk behaviours that […]

Mental Health Information

In support of Child Helpline International’s Mental Health Awareness Campaign, we at Linea Azul to shed light on our work in Uruguay. Children and young people in Uruguay, as in other countries, have been showing an increasing interest and concern to delve deeper into their mental health. LINEA AZUL receives requests for intervention which, in […]

Breaking the stigma

HOPELINEUK is a suicide prevention helpline operated by PAPYRUS, a UK charity dedicated to the prevention of suicide.  We believe that many young suicides are preventable.  HOPLELINEUK is a free and confidential call, text and email service that supports young people age 35 and under across the UK that are experiencing thoughts of suicide, and […]

Covid-19 and Mental Health in Switzerland: pt 1

“Back in February 2021, a Child Helpline International member published a Coronavirus Report with the aim of providing an overview of current studies examining the multiple impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the mental health of children/young people and young adults. This update summarizes new findings from ongoing studies and covers topics such as mental […]

Emotional Support Line for Families “Contigo”

The Emotional Support Line for Families “Contigo” (Dominican Republic) was created in response to the psychological and emotional situations resulting from the confinement by COVID-19, which were present in all persons. It includes care services for Creole speakers and people with hearing disabilities through sign language via video calls. This helpline focuses on children and […]

Youth Mental Health: The experience of the Italian Helpline

Telefono Azzurro commits to welcoming, fighting and monitoring children and adolescents’ mental health issues on a daily basis. The wellbeing of the youngest in the society is constantly endangered on multiple levels, last but not least the online world: the pandemic made abundantly clear the urgency to prioritize and address the topic. Data collected in […]

Preventing Bullying

In Greece in 2021, 1 call per day was made to the National Helpline for Children SOS 1056 of “The Smile of the Child” for psychological support in cases of bullying In 202,1 45.57% of all calls to the National Helpline for Children SOS 1056 were made by children seeking psychological assistance.  In fact, 28.81% […]