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Ukraine Crisis Response: 3-day Workshop for Ukrainian Participants

Between 3-5 April, a group of 32 participants from across Ukraine travelled to Krákow in Poland, to share their experiences in the final of our series of workshops on the Ukraine Crisis Response. Since the start of the full scale invasion, the organisations that these participants represented have been working tirelessly, through shelling, bombing, electricity […]

Ukraine Crisis Response: 3-day Workshop in Poland

Last week I travelled to Warsaw where, together with our partners from UNICEF ECARO and the UNICEF Emergency Response Office in Poland, we held a three-day workshop between 8-10 February for child helplines and frontline workers responding to children and young people affected by the war in Ukraine. We were joined by 28 participants, who […]

Hearing the Voices of Ukrainian Children and Young People: Child Helplines Responding to the Ukraine Crisis

The escalation of hostilities in Ukraine has resulted in approximately 5.6 million Ukrainians being internally displaced and another 7.8 million fleeing to neighbouring countries. This vast number of refugees presents an increased risk of human trafficking and child sexual exploitation and abuse. According to OCHA (the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs), […]

Child Helplines: a vital part of building resilience against trafficking

On 12 December, I delivered an intervention at the European Centre for Legal Education and Research’s conference “Together Against Human Trafficking: Prevention of Child Trafficking in Europe in the Current Practical Context” in Bucharest, Romania.  The event was held in celebration of the 74th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and International Human Rights […]

Supporting survivors of sexual and gender-based violence during the Russia-Ukraine War

The 16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) is a yearly campaign organised by international civil society. It aims to highlight the continued role of GBV as the most pervasive and widespread human rights violation worldwide and to galvanise action to prevent and respond to these crimes.  Like every year, the campaign kicked off […]

A Vision for Victims’ Rights

On 16 November, I attended Victim Support Europe’s presentation of their Vision for a Revised Victims’ Rights Directive at the EU Commission in Brussels. This event included a Keynote Speech by the EU Commissioner for Justice at the European Commission, as well as two panel discussions led by Saskia Bricmont, (MEP at the European Parliament) […]

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