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Happy Anniversary 116 111!

16 Years of Our Harmonized Child Helpline Number in Europe Today we celebrate 16 years of 116 111 – the harmonized child helpline number in the European Union. 116 111 is operational in 23 of the 27 member states of the EU, and in seven other European countries. The 2007 decision by the EC was the […]

The Story of 116

Part Two: The Importance of Harmonised Numbers This year, we’re celebrating 16 years of 116 111 – the harmonised number for child helplines in Europe. In an ongoing series of posts, we’re exploring the story of the harmonised number for child helplines, how it came about, and why it’s so important for children to have […]

The Story of 116 111

Part One: A Call for Harmonisation Today marks the 16th anniversary of the 116 xyz numbers – the numbers of social value in the European Union. For children and young people, having a short, easy-to-remember number to access child helpline support is essential, as it helps make safe and confidential support from child helplines much […]

Child helplines and children who run away

On 15 November 2022, our partner organisation Missing Children Europe celebrated its 20th anniversary and hosted the conference Under the Radar – Towards More Integrated Child Protection Responses for Children who Run Away from Home or Care. I was kindly invited to share the perspectives of child helplines and child helpline data in the Plenary […]

Today we celebrate 15 years of 116 111!

In celebration of 15 years of 116 111, we must ensure that child helplines are protected through proper resourcing and their recognition as essential services for children.

Every Child Has a Voice: Children on the Move

According to the UNCRC, no children and young people should be discriminated against when children’s rights are realised (Article 2), and children also have the right to special protection and support if they are refugees (Article 22). In reality, migrant children and youth remain at particular risk of rightlessness. Child helplines worldwide are increasingly coming […]

Every Child Has a Voice: LGBTQI+ Youth

According to the UNCRC, when children’s rights are realised (Article 2) no children or young people should be facing discrimination. Despite improvements in legislation, public attitudes and a growing visibility of diversity of gender and sexuality in popular culture, LGBTQI+ children and young people remain at heightened risk of violence and discrimination in school, within the family, […]

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