eLearning Platform: Frequently Asked Questions

Child Helpline International’s eLearning platform is available as a resource for our members. Keep reading for our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). How can I find the Child Helpline International eLearning platform? You can access the eLearning platform at elearning.childhelplineinternational.org I have an account but I forgot my password. What should I do? Go to elearning.childhelplineinternational.org and […]

We Stand in Solidarity with Ukraine

We are shocked and devastated by the invasion of Ukraine. Children and young people bear some of the hardest consequences of warfare. War puts them at increased risk of violence, sexual abuse and exploitation. Displacement puts them at risk of being separated from their families and exposure to considerable harm. The situation in which Ukrainian […]

Six ambitious policies to end child abuse

We currently stand at a critical moment for the world’s children. Unless we act now and with urgency, we risk losing a generation of children to the long-term impacts of violence and abuse that will undermine child safety, health, learning and development long after the pandemic subsides. We cannot let that happen. Child Helpline International […]

Unleashing our full African potential!

Today, the African Union is holding the African Girls Pre-Summit, prior to the 3rd African Girls Summit scheduled to take place later in the year. This event has as its theme “Empowering and Mobilizing – The Cultural Role of Youth to End Harmful Practices”. Every year, African Union Heads of State and Government come together to discuss issues […]

International Missing Children’s Day 2021

Today is International Missing Children’s Day, the occasion on which child rights and protection organisations around the world remember missing and abducted children and celebrate those who have been safely recovered. Children and young people who run away from their homes are the largest group of missing children across Europe. In 2019, young runaways made […]

Ensuring Children and Young People’s Voices are heard during Covid-19

Covid-19 continues to impact the lives of millions of children and young people around the globe. Despite lockdown and restrictions in many countries, child helplines have remained operational and many have been able to adjust quickly to the new realities of remote working, providing essential services in challenging times. For many children and young people, child helplines have been – and continue to be – the only point of […]

Statement in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement

“In a racist society, it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.” – Angela Y. Davis   The recent murder of George Floyd has put the issue of racism in the global spotlight. Racism and discrimination affect all nations, and people all over the world are mobilizing against the systemic racism and inequality that plague their countries.   We at Child Helpline […]

Out of Africa: Strong Commitments made at our Regional Consultation

The Regional Consultation of Child Helplines, held in Tanzania and hosted by child helpline member C-Sema, closed with child helplines coming together and committing to do everything they can to prevent and respond to harmful practices that threaten the rights of children and young people.   Our child helpline members in the African and MENA […]