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Welcome to the Free Our Voices Multimedia Toolkit! The goals, achievements, partnerships and commitments that the “Free Our Voices” campaign brought along – you can find all of them here! We encourage you to use these materials in your national advocacy activities and share your progress with us. Which channel did you use and who did you target? What was the engagement you received? Your feedback is a valuable resource for us, so help us enrich the toolkit!


In 2014 we launched the Free Our Voices campaign to ensure that no child would be left unheard. The data we collected from our network over the period 2004-2014 showed that one in two contacts to child helplines, all over the world, could not be answered because of a lack of resources. Three years and many successful stories later, this toolkit collects information that can help you to start new partnerships or strengthen the existing ones.



In the past three years, the campaign brought together child helplines and a variety of partners around the world on subjects such as harmonised regional numbers and online safety. Together, they addressed the problems child helplines face when trying to answer all the incoming contacts, from funding and infrastructure, to training.

This toolkit includes the many achievements of the Free Our Voices campaign, and provides information on the types of partnerships child helplines can undertake, in the form of videos, images and sample texts for web and social media.

We hope you will find these materials useful.

Enjoy YOUR Multimedia Toolkit!