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What is an International Consultation?

An International Consultation is an event that Child Helpline International organises every three years. An International Consultation is hosted by a Child Helpline International member organisation, and we aim to ensure that the International Consultation takes place in a different part of the world each time.

International Consultations bring together our member Child Helplines, as well as government officials, child protection and child rights professionals, high-level partners, telecoms operations and members of national and international youth advisory councils. The International Consultation is a fantastic opportunity for our global network to meet in one place and exchange ideas, learning and experience with like-minded people from around the world. It offers the chance to explore new technologies and share best practice with other organisations working in the same field.

Normally running over three consecutive days, an International Consultation consists of various sessions: plenaries, which usually feature keynote speeches by specially invited guests; parallel sessions, or workshops, which focus on various aspects relating to child helplines and their operations, and usually aligned to the theme of that year’s International Consultation, and “regional spaces”, where child helpline members from each of the five regions can gather together to discuss issues of particular relevance to them. There is also usually a visit arranged to the offices of the host organisation and a formal dinner, and time and space is also allocated to allow for side meetings and other activities.

In 2022, the International Consultation will be opened by the Swedish child helpline member Bris, and will take place in Stockholm, Sweden, on 27-29 September. The theme of this year’s International Consultation – which is the 10th time child helplines have come together in this way – is “Resilience: Children and Child Helplines in Times of Crisis”.