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International Child Helpline Day 2018: Kazakhstan


A 13-year-old girl contacted the child helpline, anxious about her parents’ separation. Her parents had ignored her completely during the divorce proceedings, her father had moved away, and her mother was now lashing out at her, accusing her of being at the root of all the problems. As a result, the girl’s performance at school declined and she became distant and aloof.

After talking to the child helpline counsellor the girl began calling back more and more often. Only on the child helpline could she share her feelings and her fears, find support, and get the care and attention she needed. The counsellor helped her to exercise her right to be heard.

Having seen the remarkable and positive changes in their daughter’s behaviour, both parents have subsequently been in touch with the child helpline. They are now divorced, but their situation is no longer causing their daughter any further substantial emotional harm.