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North Macedonia: Alo Bushavko

North Macedonia: Alo Bushavko

Counseling for children
Alo Bushavko provides support and counseling to children and youth. Counselors establish a trust-based relationship so that children or young people can share their emotions, needs, problems, learn about their rights, or seek advice or help.

Counseling for adults
Alo Bushavko also provides support and counseling to parents, guardians and teachers who address an issue related to dealing with situations in which children and young people are affected, offer emotional support and refer them to an appropriate institution or organization.


Alo Bushavko offers:

  • Phone
  • Email
  • Chat

Operating Information

Alo Bushavko provides service in:

  • Macedonian
  • Albanian
  • English


Opening hours are:

  • Monday through Sunday from 08:00
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