Child Helpline International

Slovakia: Linka Detskej Istoty

Slovakia: Linka Detskej Istoty

Linka Detskej Istoty (Child Safety Line) is available 24/7, FREE, ANONYMOUSLY for the whole territory of Slovakia. 

The Child Safety Line provides assistance and guidance by phone, chat, and email to children, young people, and caregivers.

Mission: To be available for the children and youth at the moment – whenever they need it! 

The work of Child Safety Line is based on compliance to and fulfilment of the Convention on the Rights of the Child.


Linka Detskej Istoty offers:

  • Phone
  • Webchat
  • Email

Operating Information

Linka Detskej Istoty provides service in:

  • Slovak (116111)
  • Ukrainian & Russian (0800 500 500)


Opening hours are:

  • 116111 (Slovak)

        Monday – Sunday 24/7

  • 0800 500 500 (Ukrainian & Russian)

        Every Tuesday from 13:30 to 19:30

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