Child Helpline International

United Kingdom: HopelineUK

United Kingdom: HopelineUK

A service of Papyrus Prevention of Young Suicide, HopelineUK’s advisers want to work with you to understand why thoughts of suicide might be present. They also want to provide you with a safe space to talk through anything happening in your life that could be impacting on your or anyone else’s ability to stay safe.

  • For children and young people under the age of 35 who are experiencing thoughts of suicide
  • For anyone concerned that a young person could be thinking about suicide


HopelineUK offers:

  • Phone
  • Text
  • Forum network
  • Email
  • Resource centre
  • Specialised service in suicide prevention
  • Support/debriefing for other suicide prevention counsellors

Operating Information

HopelineUK provides service in:

  • English
  • Other languages via translation software services


Opening hours are:

  • Monday through Sunday from 9am to midnight
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