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Covid-19 and Mental Health in Switzerland: pt 2

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“Through a Child Helpline International member in Europe, children/young people and young adults are showing how they are suffering greatly as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and the associated measures and restrictions. This is reflected not only in the increased need for counselling, but also in the changing themes on all direct professional counselling channels (telephone, chat, SMS and e-mail).


It is clear that the Covid 19 crisis is a major concern in the lives of young people. 


The determining topics of 2020 (such as “conflicts with parents, siblings” and “losing friends”) were replaced by others related to personal problems.   


There was a significant increase in counselling on the following topics: suicidal thoughts (+47.2 %), self-harm (+45.5 %), concern about friends/colleagues (+34.3 %), end of (love) relationships +26.4 % and depressive moods (+23.0 %).”


The following statistics show the growing need of children/young people for low-threshold, free and confidential counselling by qualified professionals or peers. The use of counselling services is highlighted on the basis of the number of contacts of counselling channels, gender, age and thematic groups.

In 2021, 300 000 children/young people and young adults sought advice and support (previous year: 265 000). More than 800 children/young people and young adults contacted Pro Juventute – Advice & support for children and young peoplein2021. (2020: 700, 2019: 600)”

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