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Fundacion ANAR in Spain launches groundbreaking report


On March 15, Fundacion ANAR — the organisation that runs the child helpline in Spain — presented an important study: the “Evolution of Violence Against Children and Teenagers in Spain according to the Victims”. At the Chamber of Deputies in the Spanish parliament they addressed an audience that included political party representatives, companies, the media and other key authorities. With data collected between 2009 and 2016, the study finds that cases of violence among children and teenagers have increased significantly in Spain (298.8%).

ANAR has consequently proposed several legislative changes that will promote child protection.

One new initiative that has been launched, Objetivo ANAR (ANAR Objective), hopes to get 250,000 signatures advocating for a comprehensive law that addresses violence against children and young people.



This is already having a huge impact, and we look forward to hearing more about ANAR’s continued efforts in protecting children and young people!

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