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Mental Health in Slovakia

09 MH in Slovakia

Helpline for children and youth 116 111 in Slovakia registered significant changes in the feelings and behaviours of children and young people over the last two years. It is a natural response to non-standard situations, such as the Covid 19 pandemic and the current war in Ukraine. These global crises have significantly affected and continue to affect people’s mental health. Contacts with children and youth who turned to 116 111 Helpline’s experts for help testify to this.  

Analysis of their statements show that mental discomfort is mainly caused by feelings of insecurity, fear about life and their loved ones, by problems of distance learning, lack of contact with teachers, absence of sports and outdoor activities, change in social contacts, escape to social networks, increasing threats in virtual environments, disruption of relationships between peers, but also in the family environment, lifestyle changes, worries and even depression about the future. 

What this means is that uncertainties are perpetuated, needs are not met and future perspectives are disrupted. From a psychological point of view, these situations threaten feeling of well being, security and stability, especially among the children and young people. 

At the Helpline 116 111, we generally address all aspects of life: psychological, social, biological and also environmental, where all of these interact, intersect and affect the overall mental state of children and youth. 

Forefront message we are receiving from the interaction with children and young people therefor is the need to devote more time and professional resources to protect their mental health. 

Helpline for children and youth 116 111 provides one of the basic, cost free, non-stop easily accessible and professional interventions, especially in stressful situations.