Child Helpline Starter Kit

The Child Helpline Starter Kit is intended for professional use to establish a child helpline. The full Child Helpline Starter Kit is available in English, Spanish, French and Arabic. Please click on the buttons below to read and/or download. Child Helpline Starter Kit مجموعة أدوات بدء خط مساعدة الطفل Kit de démarrage de ligne d’assistance […]

Technical Guidance Resource on Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse

Child Helpline International and ICMEC proudly launch their Technical Guidance Resource on Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, as part of their Advocate, Collaborate & Train to End Violence Against Children (ACT to EVAC) project. This Technical Guidance Resource is a compilation of key findings from Jordan, Kenya, Peru, the Philippines and Tanzania. “Technology empowers […]

Supporting and Responding to Forcibly Displaced Children

Children and young people crossing borders face dangerous and stark realities. Counsellors who are placed on the front lines of child helplines must learn and adapt to these situations. A new training module, developed by Child Helpline International in partnership with the UNHCR, aims to enhance child helpline counsellors’ knowledge and support for children on […]

Free our Voices: Images and Videos

Pairing a compelling story with the right visuals can make all the difference when reaching out to an existing or new partner. Our Free Our Voices playlist and social media images below tell the success stories of the campaign in a different way. Browse the playlist to look for a video that best suits your […]

Free our Voices: About our Partnerships

There are many different ways in which child helplines can work together with telecom operators, ICT stakeholders, government bodies, and other civil society actors to ensure the voices of children and young people are heard. Explore these opportunities in our infographic, or browse through the partnerships main document to get inspired on new ways to foster […]

Free our Voices Multimedia Toolkit

The Free Our Voices campaign brought together child helplines and a variety of partners around the world – from telecom operators to government bodies, UN agencies, ICT companies and Child Helpline International’s Youth Advisory Council. Together we raised awareness of the importance of child helplines and discovered new opportunities for collaboration. Explore the goals and […]

Free Our Voices

Welcome to the Free Our Voices Multimedia Toolkit! The goals, achievements, partnerships and commitments that the “Free Our Voices” campaign brought along – you can find all of them here! We encourage you to use these materials in your national advocacy activities and share your progress with us. Which channel did you use and who […]

How can children stay safe online?

From cyberbullying to grooming, there is a myriad of troubling issues that children may encounter in their digital lives. Together with the GSMA and a range of members and partners, we have produced these Internet Safety Guides as an introduction for child helplines and counsellors on nine areas of child online protection. Do you want to know how […]

GSMA – Child Helplines and Mobile Operators

This publication contains information, suggestions and case studies contributed by mobile operators and child helplines that have built up experience of working together over a number of years – in some cases relationships date back to the pre-mobile world of fixed telecoms, whilst in others, the helplines are relatively new and have worked with mobile […]

Media Collaboration Toolkit for Child Helplines

How can the media use child helplines to gain a full perspective on issues affecting children? How can helplines use the media to tell the story of their work? For this toolkit, five media partners, eleven child helplines and five youth representatives were consulted to create a guide on how this mutually beneficial relationship can […]