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Covid-19 and Mental Health in Switzerland: pt 1

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“Back in February 2021, a Child Helpline International member published a Coronavirus Report with the aim of providing an overview of current studies examining the multiple impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on the mental health of children/young people and young adults. This update summarizes new findings from ongoing studies and covers topics such as mental health, family cohabitation, educational and vocational opportunities, and digitalization and information. The update documents the most salient findings on the current “coronavirus situation” of children and young people in Switzerland, with a focus on their mental health. 

Children and teenagers missed their social contacts and interactions which are important for their development. Not all of them have mastered the restrictions and nee dour help.

Many report that their quality of life and well-being have greatly diminished due to continuing social restrictions and general uncertainties in their lives. About 40% of the population report that the coronavirus pandemic had a negative impact on their mood in the first half of 2021. However, among young people aged 16 to 24, this percentage is significantly higher (55%). More than half of this age group experienced greater malaise due to the pandemic and its effects at the time of the survey. This showed that the crisis and the measures associated with it pose great challenges to the resilience and empowerment strategies of the young generation. Particularly at risk would be children/young people and vulnerable young adults who were already suffering from mental health problems and poor living conditions before the crisis. It is also clear that the pandemic and the resulting restrictions have an impact on family life, increasing the risk of conflict and educational inequalities.”

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