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The war has changed everything

05 War

It changed not only the basic things such as our sense of security, our sense of stability, place of living and ordinary everyday life. The war has also affected our well-being, self-confidence and confidence in the future. It has had an impact on the psychological health of every single Ukrainian.

You may feel fear, anxiety, panic, helplessness, irritability, hatred, tiredness, sadness, anger, aggression, fury, loneliness, confusion…

You may also have nervous breakdowns and panic attacks.

You might also feel a sense of powerlessness and a lack of confidence in the future. ⠀

But you should know, all of these emotions and mental states are entirely normal. They are absolutely normal reactions to have in the abnormal circumstances and situations that have taken place in the country.

Especially now, under these circumstances, you should care more for own psychological health.

How, you might ask?

      • Control those things it is within your power to control – your body, the way you react to things, etc).
      • Make short-term plans that you can work to achieve.
      • Search for support where it is possible to receive it from.
      • Do sport, exercises and undertake other physical activities during your day.
      • Continue with your daily routines insofar as possible.
      • Use special breathing techniques and meditation.
      • Understand your emotions, to allow them to be. It’s important.
      • Take care of yourself and your relatives and close friends.
      • Share love, warmth and hugs with your relatives and close friends. And don’t forget to give hugs to yourself. Being in touch with each other is very important!


You can also make contact with specialists. Psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists are ready to provide assistance to everyone in need.

Don’t neglect your health. Your health and wellbeing is very important, pay attention to it! You are important! ⠀

And we’re here to support you.


By: La Strada Ukraine


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